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3 Piece Set Mixing Bowls


Color: Jade, Jadeite , Green Milk Glass

Price $ 56.99

Item # 245J

They hold: 20 oz., 40 oz. And 65 oz.

 - Handmade USA

Mosser Glass


Set of  Women Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Jadeite Jadite

 Approx. 7" Tall

Item #300JD

Price: $25.00





It says on it "Kardov Famous Self Raising Flour"

To use it add cold water to container, roll your dough, the cold water keeps the dough from sticking.

***Add this to your kitchen decor, rolling pin or Jadite/Jadeite collection***

Item #301JD....Jadeite

Price: $47.00



Jadeite Butter Crock/Tub

Jadeite Jadite Jade

Measures 4 1/2"

Handmade in USA by Mosser Glass Co.

Item #JD302           

My Price $23.00


  Oil / Vinegar Cruet- Large (6 1/4" Tall)

Large -6 1/4" Tall

Item #920JD....Jadeite

Price: $ 45.00

(Not being made anymore)



   Oil / Vinegar Cruet-Small (5" Tall)

Small 5" Tall

Item #927JD....Jadeite

Price: $ 39.00

(Not being made anymore)


Jadeite Sugar/Creamer Set with Tray

(Approx. 3 1/2" H x2 3/4" W) (Tray 3 1/4" H x7 1/2" W)

Item #309J........Jadeite -  $44.00



   Jadeite Panel Pitcher

Pitcher - 40 oz.

Item #931PJ........Jadeite Pitcher   -  $36.99


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