These animals are great collectibles. They make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or just to collect them yourself. I only have one of each on some of them so hurry and get yours today.


3" Bird, Berries on French Opalescent Satin

Hand Painted

Item #5115 QS

Price - $ 39.00

Retired Piece



Wheatberry on Autumn Gold Mallard

Fenton Art Glass

Hand Painted

Color- Amber

Item #5147 QM

Price - $39.00

Retired Piece




3" Laying Down Cat/Kitty

Hand Painted

Color- French Opalescent

Item #5064 VH

Price - $36.00

Retired Piece



Blue Hydrangeas On Black Mouse

Color: Black

Hand painted Blue Hydrangeas blooms on black glass. The contrast of pale blue blossoms against a midnight sky has a timeless elegance. Kim Bartley's dramatic garden of blue hydrangeas It's such a cute piece.  If your a collector of mice you will want this piece. I also have Fenton 5 1/2 inch Blue Hydrangeas on Black  Stylized Cat. You will find it the 5" Cat Section of Fenton .                         

Item # 5148QB

Price $36.00

1- Available


Fenton Polar Bear

Fenton 3" tall Polar Bear figurine made by the Fenton Art Glass Company, now retired. This little guy is so cute in Emerald Green hand painted. He is artist signed and has the Fenton Logo. If you collect Bear or Fenton Figurines and don't have this one, you should. I only have 1 of these left.

Item #5162 GB

Retail $ 33.50



Fenton Waving, Smiley Cobalt Blue Bear

This little "Sweetie" is waving at YOU. Waiting to come Home!

A Fenton Cobalt Blue Ber. He is 4" Tall and stamped Fenton. Solid glass.  This would make a nice gift item.

Item # 5151 BC

Retail $ 28.50


Fenton French Opal Bear Cub

This finely excuted bear cub figurine by the Fenton Glass Company is  3 1/2" tall and signed by the artist.

Item # 5151 BO

Retail $ 32.00

1 - Available


Fenton Willow Green Carnival Duckling

This Fenton Green Carnival Duckling is Hand pained and signed by Fenton Artist. He measures 3 1/2" tall.  Vice nice piece to add to your collection.

Item #5165GB

Price $ 35.00    


Fenton Day Dreaming Bear

He'll serve you well, as a paperweight or a nice addition in your curio unit. Gorgeous teal or aquamarine color, measures 3" in length  and is 2 1/2" tall. Lazy and Smiling at You. He does have the Fenton Logo and also the 95th Silver Sticker.

( The lady who hand painted this bear passed away a few years ago. She worked for Westmoreland Glass Company when it was open.)

Item # 5151 BT

Price $33.99

1- Available


Fenton "Bellflowers on Ice Blue" Bear Cub

This little bear cub stands  3 1/2" tall and is a must for you bear collectors out there. It last appeared in the Fenton Catalog in 2001. It is retired and can longer be bought retail from Fenton.

Item #5151BB

Retail $ 325.00

2- Available





Fenton Owl Ring & Jewelry Tree

This is a beautiful ring jewelry tree from Fenton Art Glass Featuring an owl perched upon a true limb on a hill of flowers. Its a clear glass color with opalescent/iridescent shining colors. Its has the Fenton Logo. Measures approx. 4 1/2" Tall.

Item # 5001 OC

Retail $35.00 

1 Available


Fenton Sitting Bear Hand Painted

This is a sweet 3 1/2" tall white pearlizied bear. He's hand painted with huge expressive green eyes and tiny pink ears. Wonderful Fenton quality and beauty. A very nice socking stuffer for Christmas, which will be here all to soon!

Item # 5151 BP

Retail $29.00        



Fenton Glass Cobalt Blue Baby Sitting Bear

This Fenton Cobalt Blue Sitting Bear stands approx.   2 3/4" Tall. This bear  has been discontinued "RETIRED".

Item # 5251KN

Price  $ 14.99         



Fenton Glass Vaseline Fish Paperweight

This beautiful Vaseline Fish  Paperweight in the carnival color glass by Fenton. Stands 4 5/8" tall and about 3 1/2" across. Remember he can be put under a black light for a different effect.

Item # 500 FV

Retail $ 36.00             

1 Available


Fenton Christmas "Frosty Friends" Penguin "Jasper"

This item is a limited edition item offered only for the Christmas selling season 2000. Fenton Glass White Satin Christmas Penguin. He has been lovingly hand painted with bright red and white scarf and is carrying a Christmas tree home to decorate under his wing. He belongs to the group known as "Frosty Friends", which includes a snowman and snow lady (also limited edition items). He's 4 1/2" tall.

Item# 0305BS

Price $37.99               

1 Available


Fenton Christmas "Frosty Friends" Penguin

 Fenton frosty friends penguin. He's 4 1/2" tall. This adorable little one is hand painted and signed by the Fenton artist. It was in Fenton's 2001 and 2002 Christmas brochures.  It would make a great addition to ones collection or a wonderful gift for that someone special.

Item# 0305BS

Retail Price $37.99   1 Available


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